30 Days Wild – Multilingual

Every year in June, The Wildlife Trusts run the 30 Days Wild challenge – a challenge to do an activity linked to nature, every day, for the whole month. When we recently met up with our local Wildlife Trust (Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust), we suggested the idea of putting together a multilingual version of 30 Days Wild, suitable both for children growing up multilingual, and for those learning another language at school.

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Lost Wor(l)ds and Secondary School

Today in the International Day of Multilingualism – the perfect day to address a question we have been hearing a lot from teachers: is Lost Wor(l)ds just for primary? Are there ways to integrate multilingualism into secondary school? The answer to the first question is a resounding “no”, and the answer to the second question is a resounding “yes”!! This blog post gives some ideas on how to adapt Lost Wor(l)ds activities for secondary school.

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Image of a mossy heart

Could your school be a Lost Wor(l)ds Feature School?

Every month, we are hoping to share schools on our blog who have used one or more of our activities, to gather examples of good practice, to showcase pupils’ language skills, and to enable schools to evidence their engagement with multilingualism in the classroom. Find out the very simple steps to become a Lost Wor(l)ds Feature School!

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Happy Bug Ball

The ‘Happy Bug Ball’ is a refreshed version of the classic song the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’. This activity allows pupils to explore the words for insects in multiple different languages, incorporate and perform them in a new multilingual version of the ‘Happy Bug Ball’.

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Old MacDonald

The ‘Old MacDonald’ activity can work well with key stage 1 and 2 pupils. This is a fun way to transform a traditional English nursery rhythm, into a multilingual song. The song can incorporate, as many language/s spoken by, or of interest to pupils.

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