Every year in June, The Wildlife Trusts run the 30 Days Wild challenge – a challenge to do an activity linked to nature, every day, for the whole month. When we recently met up with our local Wildlife Trust (Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust), we suggested the idea of putting together a multilingual version of 30 Days Wild, suitable both for children growing up multilingual, and for those learning another language at school. Each day brings an idea for an activity, and encourages multilingualism and language learning. The activities we chose are varied, and most are fairly easy to achieve – we hope they will inspire schools and families to explore nature using all languages available to children, and giving children a chance to bring home languages into the classroom.

On the activity sheet, you can pick and choose any activity, in any order you like (and of course you can do them at any time!) Throughout the month of June, we will post one activity each day on Twitter (in the order shown on the activity sheet), hoping to receive examples and responses from schools and individuals. Follow us on Twitter (@lostwor_l_ds) to catch and respond to those tweets, or tag us at any time (you could also use the hashtags #30DaysWild and #30DaysWildMultilingual). You can also email us at lostworlds@sheffield.ac.uk.

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