This activity uses Christina Rossetti’s poem to engage children in listening to, reading, thinking about, and writing poetry, drawing on their full linguistic repertoire. The activity is supported by a video (below), a worksheet, and a PowerPoint presentation.

Begin the session by sharing the video with pupils (click on arrows in the bottom right corner to make full-size). The worksheet, supported by the PowerPoint, encourages children to think about the poem’s structure, and to begin replacing some of Rossetti’s words with their own, constructing their personal wind poem.

Children’s home languages are supported throughout, and Christina Rossetti’s biographical notes make reference to her immigration and heritage language background.

Ideas for dissemination include the creation of a multilingual class poem, where the first line of each verse (“Who has seen the wind?”) is presented in a different language spoken by children in the class, sharing the linguistic skills and diversity children possess.

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