These images were created as lesson starters or end-of-lesson activities, but could also form the starting point of a longer activity. They can be used in a number of ways, including (but not limited to):

Calling the register: children use the image as inspiration, naming either something they associate with the image (in any language), or naming the word shown in their own language.

Language exploration 1: asking children who speak a language other than English, the teacher helps the class collate words in other languages, encouraging comparison between different languages. Children will often pick up differences and similarities themselves.

Language exploration 2: going by association, teachers ask relevant questions about the stimulus shown (what can you name in nature that’s red? How many different words for rain can we think of?). Children answer in English or their own languages.

Starting point: using the image as a creative stimulus, the class, supported by the teacher with guiding questions,, thinks up a collective story. 

Note: we will add to these images all the time, so please come back to check for updates. If you have used any of our activities and have feedback (or examples/stories of use) for us, please get in touch!